Walking trails

Walking trails

The pleasure of discovering on foot

Buenavista del Norte has a wide trail network by which you can explore Teno Rural Park. Walking is one of the best ways to discover the town and its natural spaces. Through these trails, you will find out about endemic flora. You will also manage to observe some unique bird species in the world.

On the other hand, some trails cross the town centre and drive you to its coast. On this matter, it is noteworthy that they are not too physically demanding.

Using the trail network that Buenavista del Norte offers will allow you to discover corners of the municipality that you cannot access otherwise, such as the Baracán summits. You can enter a magical forest such as Monte del Agua, regarded as one of the best-preserved bastions of laurel forest on the planet.

Depending on the altitude at which you are, you will be able to observe different strips of flora conditioned by the weather. Going through this trail network within Teno Massif is a true spectacle for the senses. Put your boots on, your backpack, water and hike!

There are different alternatives to exploring Buenavista del Norte on foot. You can go from the coast and reach the highest site in the municipality. Some circular routes allow you to return to the starting point.

Within this trail network, there exist many routes where the contrast of landscapes stands out. Keep in mind that you can feel the deepest green on the north side or discover the wildest landscape on the south side.



The uniqueness made farmhouse

Masca’s farmhouse is one of the most unique places in Tenerife. Located in the southwest of the midlands of Buenavista del Norte, it is one of the must-see places in the municipality and also in Tenerife. Its vertiginous roads and its great cliffs are the two vertices of a triangle that is completed with its ravine.

Masca se encuentra dentro del Parque Rural de Teno siendo una de las mayores expresiones de su naturaleza. Admirar su paisaje es como estar en un auténtico edén.

Exploring the ravine of Masca’s farmhouse is one of the main activities to do in the hamlet. In order to descend the ravine, it is necessary to book in advance, since its path is regulated. However, departure by sea is not possible nowadays so a good physical condition (to walk uphill) and the appropriate clothing are necessary to do it.

On the other hand, it is recommended to go to the hamlet by public transport. Parking is also regulated due to the lack of parking places. There is a bus line that connects the town of Buenavista with Masca’s farmhouse.

The hamlet is the best option to enjoy a different day in the middle of the purest nature. It is a clear example of the geological origins of Tenerife: large stone walls, distinctive formations or a combination of the wild and grateful landscape. If you visit it in winter, you will be able to see how the flora dresses all those walls in green, being worthy of photographing.

If you are interested in going deeper into the farmhouse, you can walk through its sloping and cobbled streets. You will find the Visitor Center where you can find out more details about this spot in particular.

Movie sets

Movie sets

A natural movie set

Buenavista del Norte has stunning landscapes that remind us of movie scenes. Literally. Several enclaves of the municipality have served as the setting for the filming of major Hollywood productions and advertising spots for recognized national and international brands.

Within the town exist selected sites such as Punta de Teno, Las Arenas beach, Teno Alto and Masca. The uniqueness of its landscapes provides many resources to filmmakers who decide to film in the natural enclaves of Buenavista del Norte.

According to the Hollywood super productions that filmed in Buenavista del Norte, it is worth highlighting the film ‘Clash of the Titans’, the sixth part of the ‘Fast & Furious’ saga or ‘Wonder Woman 1984’. These recordings were a real shock on the big screen, which meant an unprecedented advertising action for the municipality.

Actors like Paul Walker, Liam Neeson, Vin Diesel and Ralph Fiennes came to Buenavista del Norte to shoot these films in ‘unseen places’, as one of the producers of ‘Clash of the Titans’ declared.

On the other hand, brands of all kinds have wanted to immerse themselves in the landscapes of Buenavista del Norte for their productions. Ducati and BMW are two international entities that have chosen the municipality for its winding roads. To these are also added national brands such as Balay or Ron Barceló.

The last international brand that has chosen Buenavista del Norte to shoot its commercial spot is Yves Saint Laurent. The British singer Dua Lipa was the star of the latest advertising campaign for the brand fragrance, filmed in Punta de Teno.

Natural pools

Natural pools

The coast jewels

The beaches of Buenavista del Norte are known in the rest of Tenerife. However, the authentic jewels of the coastline, its puddles and natural pools are more unknown. These are singular spots where you can enjoy peace and silence. They are regarded as coincidences and whims of lava that remind us of all of our origins.

Along Buenavista’s coast, we can find the remote sea crashing sound against the lava over and over again. Open all your senses and let yourself be surprised by each of its natural pools.

Walking along the coast of Buenavista del Norte, you can discover some of the most extraordinary puddles or natural pools in Tenerife. Starting with the one located farthest to the east (bordering Los Silos town) we find the El Rayo puddle. It is a very characteristic puddle due to its formation.

Continuing to the west side of the municipality, authentic and surprising natural saltwater pools can be found. Be careful and check how deep they are before jumping into the water without thinking twice. In this way, we can guarantee a pleasant experience.

Most of the unusual natural pools are located in the surroundings of Las Arenas beach, considered by many the best well-known and main beach in Buenavista del Norte. The coast combines sandy or pebble beaches with these natural pools.

If you are curious and skilful among the rocks, you will discover some natural pools. Along the way that takes you to El Fraile beach, different puddles are frequented by the locals. Look at how they go in and out of them to fully enjoy the ‘charco experience’ in Buenavista del Norte.

Historical center

Historical center

Wrap yourself in the origin

Buenavista del Norte was one of the first municipalities founded in Tenerife. Hence, the centre of the town takes you back to its origins just in seconds. From the entrance, you can admire some emblematic buildings that whisper to you about how the beginnings of a town between the sea and the mountains were, somewhat isolated.

However, this distance is what preserved some of the architectural gems of Buenavista del Norte. The footpath through its main streets is an ideal option to check it out.

Some of the most emblematic buildings of Buenavista del Norte are in its historical-artistic complex. These buildings are the church of Nuestra Señora de los Remedios, the portico of the old convent of San Francisco, the hermitage of San Sebastián or the Hacienda de la Fuente complex, being the last one, the furthest from the nucleus.

The strategic point of its historical centre is Ntra. Sra. de los Remedios square. Most of the daily routine activity of Buenavista del Norte is concentrated in this spot and its surroundings.

In the vicinity of Buenavista’s historical centre, you can enjoy several premises and bars to have a snack. Part of the town is pedestrianized, so you can walk around calmly, without worrying about cars.

In addition, the town of Buenavista del Norte is the ideal place to carry out outdoor activities. Every Saturday, you will find the ‘farmer’s market’, where you can buy high-quality products from the municipality. It is the appropriate setting for cultural activity, as long as the weather allows it.